Educational system recently upgraded in Indonesia

According from minister of education and culture states teacher should use a new format of lesson plan. Nowadays technology being the part of our live for allowing us to access many information around the world. Nadiem makarim from his letter demands the teacher to use tehcnology to support all the educational activities. Starting from the basic planning the step of teaching into avaluate the output of the lesson. All of that are gathered as once in the lesson plan or in Indonesia we call it as RPP. It is a sequence method that describes the procedure and organization of learning to achieve one basic competency set in the Content Standards and outlined in the syllabus.

According to Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia states that “Planning of the learning process includes a syllabus and lesson plan that contains at least learning objectives, learning resources, and assessment of learning outcomes”. According to Permendiknas No. 41/2007, the components of the RPP are: Subject identity, competency standards, basic competencies, indicators of competency achievement, learning objectives, teaching materials, time allocation, learning methods, learning activities, assessment of learning outcomes, and learning resources.

The objectives of the lesson plan are to: (1) facilitate and improve the results of the teaching and learning process; (2) by preparing lesson  plans in a professional, systematic and efficient manner, the teacher will be able to see, observe, analyze, and predict learning programs as a logical and planned framework. The function of the lesson plan is as a reference for teachers to carry out teaching and learning activities so that it is more clear and runs effectively and efficiently.

In the beginning lesson plan was a throublesome document to create because it is so complicated. All of the teacher were forced to put in every educational component briefly. Even though teacher need extra time and effort to make one complete lesson plan. This bureaucracy definetly leads the education quality into worst condition but fortunately our minister realized this wrong regulation. Then curriculum was revised and he kindly let the teacher makes the lesson plan individually and let us in charge for choosing any model of it. Now teacher can make a better and shorter lesson plan to engage creativity or improvement in the class.

Even more, teacher can manage and evaluate the lesson better than before. This new regulations give more benefits when it combines with implementation of technology, critical thinking, and high order thinking skill. But as a teacher we cannot forgot about the curriculum objectives to provide character education. I think thats all from me and thanks for reading my short aticles about RPP (lesson plan).